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IC: What a drag
Well, Today seemed to be a great waste of my time. First off, a fourteen hour plane ride, which they stole my cellphone because, apparently we're not supposed to use them in flight. Followed by my Taxi being delayed for two hours when i arrived...son of a bitchWell, at least I got my phone back when the plane landed, just used the idiot's phone beside me who slept the whole way, and kept me awake with his snoring.  Everything with the job came through smoothly, and everything's under control. Ironically, I found an old friend when I was sifting through the personnel files. That made things so much easier, already I got a phone number, and address... plan to pay him a visit later. Maybe he won't be too upset I found him...

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What do you mean what am I doing here? I left you a message saying I was coming...

Why does it matter? I have my own reasons...

Stop asking so many questions, you're giving me a headache... don't want to know the headache i'm going to give you..

Like you really could Sui-kun. Don't bite off more than you can chew now...

...chewing my ass are you?

little man you need to disappear..

Disappear? But why? When I came all this way to see you...

well you'll just have to find that out later, won't you?

You should know better Suigetsu. Stop pushing or I just might have to push back.

Why don't we go out for coffee? I'll pick you up in a little while. i look like i want to suck joe with you...

Did I say I was giving you a choice? I'll be at your place in a little while..

...where are you, we need to talk..

What the f*ck do you want?

..about the disk..

Re: screen only to Shika

everything you need is on it...why do you need me to explain it to you?

Re: screen only to Shika

....cause I got shit for brains..we need to meet

Re: screen only to Shika

i'm not coming anywhere near you right now, you got my answer all ready while you were pestering me about that job now go away.

Re: screen only to Shika


Re: screen only to Shika

Back off Hozuki...just leave me alone.

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