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What the hell happened here?
I'm gone for a month and everything goes to hell. Not only do I find out Dickey's has shut down, but things turn to shit everywhere else. Well, Atleast I got a promotion out of it. Starting after this Orientation (which I just found out about...) I'll be Office Manager of the new Company, Hush. What a drag...and I thought working for Kushina was tough. But at least I'm getting a vacation out of it. As for everything else, I figure things will either work out, or they won't.

Oh! For reason's I don't want to discuss, I've had my number changed. Here it is, for any employee's with questions, don't hesistate to call.

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^_^ I'm glad to hear you got a promotion Shikamaru-san. At least now things should be more organized in the office.

I'm not >>; It means a crap load more work...

And, I'm almost petrified to find what kind of mess I'll be coming back too...

Well, I suppose, but that means more money as well, doesn't it? That's always helpful.

I'm suyre everything will be alright.

Tch, never took the job for the money, don't need it. My job back home pays all the bills I have.

True, but that doesn't mean it isn't nice to earn a good salary.

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