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i/c ....fucking idiots
Talk to meh
Okay, so I was browsing the web, and I came across this shit, the ignorance of some people just baffles me...

Darwin awards!Collapse )

What the hell happened here?
I'm gone for a month and everything goes to hell. Not only do I find out Dickey's has shut down, but things turn to shit everywhere else. Well, Atleast I got a promotion out of it. Starting after this Orientation (which I just found out about...) I'll be Office Manager of the new Company, Hush. What a drag...and I thought working for Kushina was tough. But at least I'm getting a vacation out of it. As for everything else, I figure things will either work out, or they won't.

Oh! For reason's I don't want to discuss, I've had my number changed. Here it is, for any employee's with questions, don't hesistate to call.

I/c- Crazy shit
Wow, I never expected to be away for so long. There was an ergent situation back home that neded my direct attention, so I flew back out to Japan last minute. I'm sorry I didn't inform anyone (Mainly Sui and Hina-san)but now, I'm back. And I'll be hopefully taking my job back like nothing had ever happened.

I/c This job is alot more than i expected...
Holy shit >>; This woman is the most unorganized person I've ever seen. I've been buried in paperwork for days...and I still can't seem to find everything I need. Not only that, but apparently other issues have been brought to my attention. It's gonna take me a week to dig out of this shit... But hopefully, after it all she'll keep it up or i will most likely

thank you

Wow, hit the nail on the head with this one

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err, no comment.

Wow, Who woulda guessed?
Sooo, I was up and bored last night and decided to take this stupid thing. I have no idea why, it seems like a great waste of my time now that it's over, buuuut...

Contact Info
Don't just call me like crazy! Just because I give you my number, it doesn't mean I want random 2 am phone calls!

Blackberry Storm Pictures, Images and Photos

'To contact me type "TEXT","VOICE MAIL","PICTURE MESSAGE","INCOMING CALL" in the subject box and type out your message. If I don't answer, it means, I DON'T LIKE YOU!!! Good day! ^^

IC: What a drag
Well, Today seemed to be a great waste of my time. First off, a fourteen hour plane ride, which they stole my cellphone because, apparently we're not supposed to use them in flight. Followed by my Taxi being delayed for two hours when i arrived...son of a bitchWell, at least I got my phone back when the plane landed, just used the idiot's phone beside me who slept the whole way, and kept me awake with his snoring.  Everything with the job came through smoothly, and everything's under control. Ironically, I found an old friend when I was sifting through the personnel files. That made things so much easier, already I got a phone number, and address... plan to pay him a visit later. Maybe he won't be too upset I found him...