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Don't just call me like crazy! Just because I give you my number, it doesn't mean I want random 2 am phone calls!

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'To contact me type "TEXT","VOICE MAIL","PICTURE MESSAGE","INCOMING CALL" in the subject box and type out your message. If I don't answer, it means, I DON'T LIKE YOU!!! Good day! ^^

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Find a new place yet? Dear God I want to knock some sense into him.

I'm still looking... I haven't had any luck. And knock some sense into who?

Anyone who needs it. What are you looking for in house?

I err, I'm not really sure, something comparable to the hotel I'm staying in I suppose. If I'm going to be living there, it should be atleast decent, also, housekeeping is a must...

Well, find a place you like and hire a housekeeper and be happy. Okay if you need a reference point you can come over and see my place. That way you know if you want something huge or just a luxury apartment with all the amenities.

That sounds good to me. How about I drop by day after Christmas?

That will work. My place is mostly fully decorated at this point, I just have some landscaping and painting left.

I will also see if I can find my realtors number. She was fantastic with helping me find a place.

Okay, see you then Naruto.

Email - Copy Ms. Kushina Uzumaki

Mr. Nara I need you to bring something to Ms. Uzumaki's attention. It seems, additional illegal activity is going on.

Apparently this man is under the impression I am liable for his legal expenses. I never received nor approached any member of staff regarding any type of court matter.

This issue concerns me, so please look into it as soon as possible.
- Aburame Shino

Re: Email - Copy Ms. Kushina Uzumaki

I'll,uhh, I'll let her know for you. But reading over the comment,s as of right now, he has no legal rights to fine you for his legal fees. Unless, it was stipulated in your contract with Ms. Uzumaki that it comes out of your pocket if you cause the problem.

Re: Email - Copy Ms. Kushina Uzumaki

I would never agree. Aside from that, isn't it odd, I am only informed of this after I point out to Mr. Uchiha this new rule violates federal labor laws?

Also, if I were to cause punitive damages to the company, that should have been brought to my attention, immediately.

Re: Email - Copy Ms. Kushina Uzumaki

That is an odd occurance, but I must inform you, that this rule doesn't violate any labor laws. It's common practice for companies to not want intimate relations among employee's. But, what is violating them is the discrimination between those couples who are engaged, married, and those that are not. He can't say which are valid and those that aren't. It's an all or nothing clause.

But for now, tread lightly on the subject, I'll inform Ms. Uzumaki and copy all emails between the both of us into the document before presenting it to her.

Re: Email - Copy Ms. Kushina Uzumaki

Mr. Nara I feel you should look a little deeper. This rule of fraternizing, can be legitimate if it occurs during work hours. Dickey's Escort Agency, has no authority to control employee actions outside of the work environment.

If necessary, I am ready to take this ridiculous issue to the federal board of labor. As well as file civil rights suit.

Can Ms. Uzumaki speak with the other shareholders, owners? Is this a unanimous rule? I'd like to know this before I submit my complaint to the governor's office.

Re: Email - Copy Ms. Kushina Uzumaki

I've informed her of the situation. And I've been asked to set up a meeting to resolve the issue. I need a time, no later than Saturday. And she said specifically that if you didn't have the time, to try your best to make time for it.

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